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Best Long Term Paint Protection

Most people think of their vehicle's paint as being hard, but it actually isn't all that hard, & therefore pretty easily scratched.  By far, the 2 best ways to protect your paint are paint protection film & ceramic paint coatings.  The 2 best films on the market today are Suntek topcoated & Xpel Ultimate.  Both are self healing.  The Suntek paint protection film is slightly smoother & glossier.  The Xpel Ultimate has a 10 year warranty, which is by far the longest out there.  The best known ceramic paint coating is Opti-Coat.  It is extremely hard & long lasting.  It has a 9H rating on the Mohs hardness scale, & lasts a minimum of 5 years!  The best time to have either of these applied is when the car is brand new before any damage can occur.  Unfortunately, many dealership preps actually swirl the paint.  #clear bra austin #paint protection film austin #opticoat austin
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