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Best Long Term Paint Protection

Most people think of their vehicle's paint as being hard, but it actually isn't all that hard, & therefore pretty easily scratched.  By far, the 2 best ways to protect your paint are paint protection film & ceramic paint coatings.  The 2 best films on the market today are Suntek topcoated & Xpel Ultimate.  Both are self healing.  The Suntek paint protection film is slightly smoother & glossier.  The Xpel Ultimate has a 10 year warranty, which is by far the longest out there.  The best known ceramic paint coating is Opti-Coat.  It is extremely hard & long lasting.  It has a 9H rating on the Mohs hardness scale, & lasts a minimum of 5 years!  The best time to have either of these applied is when the car is brand new before any damage can occur.  Unfortunately, many dealership preps actually swirl the paint.  #clear bra austin #paint protection film austin #opticoat austin

Things are looking up!

A lot has changed since my last post.  We're in a new shop, with better lighting, a/c and heat.  We are now offering Opti-Coat & Opti-Glass.  These products are phenomenal!  Between the Xpel Ultimate clear bra paint protection film, Opti-Coat, & Opti-Glass, along with the paint swirl removal, we can keep vehicles looking great for literally years with little to no maintenance!  

What's new?

I changed the look of the website to be easier to read.  The other "news" is that I built a clean room within the shop to keep dust and debris to a minimum, and will be able to control the temperature easier, especially nice during the summer.  Also, I am learning the art of window tinting, as I've gotten several requests from my clear bra customers for window tinting.

Finally posting on the blog

Well, I finally got around to adding my first blog post.  I am extremely excited to have found such a great company and product (Xpel).  I can honestly say that I am very proud to represent them here in Austin.  It has opened up all kinds of new opportunities.  I get to work with the most awesome vehicles out there.  I have always been a car guy, and I have finally found my nitch.  Tomorrow is the monthly Cars and Coffee Austin. so I'll have my vendor tent at the Oasis showing car enthusiasts the difference in the various paint protection films out there. Come on out.  It's a great car show!        
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